Can I change my itenary?

Discussion in 'Fares Advice & Policy' started by sliver, 10 Jun 2015.

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  1. sliver

    sliver Member

    3 Sep 2012
    I booked an advance fare as follows from Honiton to St Albans, but would like to check if a slightly different route to the one I have on my confirmed itenary is valid, I think it should be as I checked and it is the same price etc. and assume that the advance portion is essentially Honito to Clapham and the other elements are "connecting" but would be grateful for confirmation for a newbie.

    This is my booked itinary
    Journey: 1 Honiton to St Albans City Ticket type: Advance Single Valid only on your chosen service. Not refundable. Changeable prior to date of travel for a fee. Route: Only valid on booked South West Trains services and required connecting services.

    Outward journey: 30 Jun 2015 departs Honiton at 14:55 travel by Train service provider South West Trains to station Clapham Junction arrives 17:36 ( seats reserved: Coach: * Seats: ***, *** )

    departs Clapham Junction at 17:46 travel by Train service provider South West Trains to station Vauxhall arrives 17:50

    departs Vauxhall at 17:55 travel by London Underground to station London St Pancras arrives at 18:16

    departs London St Pancras at 18:32 travel by Train service provider Thameslink to station St Albans City arrives 18:49

    I would ideally like to travel from Honiton to Clapham (same journey time as per the reservation) but then take the overground from Clapham to West Hampstead, and walk to WH Thameslink for onward journey to St. Albans. Would this be OK please?
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  3. Romilly

    Romilly Established Member

    5 Nov 2013
    As you say, a journey planner will offer the same-priced Advance for your preferred itinerary if you ask for "via Kensington Olympia". Therefore, as you propose to use your reserved journey-leg to the full extent of your reservation, I see no reason why you cannot use your preferred connecting trains from Clapham Junction onwards.
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