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Discussion in 'Fares Advice & Policy' started by PaulHarding150, 5 Jun 2015.

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  1. PaulHarding150

    PaulHarding150 Member

    13 Feb 2011
    In a few weeks’ time I will be traveling on a Friday from Cardiff to Bristol TM then on the Saturday from Bristol TM to London before traveling from London to Cardiff on the Sunday (which of course goes via Parkway).

    For this I have bought two off peek returns:
    Cardiff Central – Bristol TM; and
    Bristol Temple Meads - London.

    My question is on the Sunday, will I be able to travel from London to Cardiff in one go? Or will I need to alight at Bristol Parkway and wait for the next train (having pretended that I've travelled out to TM and back)?
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  3. higthomas

    higthomas Member

    27 Nov 2012
    No, you won't. Split ticketing, as you are doing is perfectly fine.

    Also; there aren't off peak returns from Cardiff to Bristol Temple Meads.
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  4. Romilly

    Romilly Established Member

    5 Nov 2013
    I am not sure that the question is quite that simple. What the OP is asking is whether, on the Sunday, the return portion of a Bristol TM-London offpeak return is valid for travel via Bristol Parkway and for break of journey/stopping short at Bristol Parkway. And also whether, on the Sunday, the return portion of a Bristol TM-Cardiff Central anytime return is valid for travel via Bristol Parkway and for starting late at Bristol Parkway. As there should be no restrictions on break of journey on the return portion of an offpeak/anytime return, the stopping short/starting late should be fine so long as the tickets are valid via Bristol Parkway and the London-Cardiff train that the OP is on stops there. As regards validity, the journey planner I looked at showed both of the tickets as valid via Bristol Parkway.
  5. LexyBoy

    LexyBoy Established Member Fares Advisor

    23 Jan 2009
    North of the rivers
    Perfectly valid as Parkway is on a permitted route for both tickets and all South Wales trains call there (unless the tunnel is closed - it is not for Sundays in June but do check). No need to pretend you're going to Bristol.

    Indeed - the only period return is the Anytime Retun. What ticket do you have PaulHarding150?

    Also note that there's no benefit in buying these tickets so far in advance - they are the same price on the day and you can book with reserved seats the day before, unless the route is extremely busy. If your plans change you'll lose out on refunding the tickets.
  6. IanD

    IanD Established Member

    18 Sep 2011
    Newport Pagnell
    To which question does your response of 'No, you won't.' refer?
  7. Greenback

    Greenback Emeritus Moderator

    9 Aug 2009
    I agree with LexyBoy. It's always been a permitted route to travel to and from south Wales via Bristol TM, and to travel to and from Bristol TM via Parkway. This combination of tickets is, therefore, perfectly valid for making the journey from London to Cardiff in one go.
  8. 455driver

    455driver On Moderation

    10 May 2010
    Exactly what ticket is held for travelling between Cardiff and Bristol, is it a day return?
  9. jkdd77

    jkdd77 Member

    16 Nov 2008
    If the OP hasn't already purchased his/ her tickets, I see no reason why the OP couldn't simply buy a SSR from Cardiff to London [subject to time restrictions], given that the outward portion is valid via Bristol Temple Meads, and valid for resumption of a break of journey on Saturday, being 'day 2'.

    If so, I am aware of a 'loophole' ticket for journeys from Cardiff to London, although others may have even better suggestions. I can pm the OP upon request.
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