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Cathedrals Express 13/7

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14 Aug 2005
1Z82 London Victoria to Bristol Temple Meads

Miles Location Scheduled time
London Victoria (Pl. 2) 0853hrs
Grosvenor Bridge Junction 0856hrs
Stewarts Lane Junction 0859hrs
Longhedge Junction 0911hrs
Clapham Junction (Pl. 5) 0917-0920hrs
Barnes 0930hrs
Hounslow 0951hrs
Feltham Junction 0953hrs
Feltham 0955hrs
Staines 1002-1004hrs
Virginia Water 1012hrs
Addlestone Junction 1019_hrs
Byfleet & New Haw 1023hrs
Woking (Pl 5) 1032-1034hrs
Woking Junction 1036hrs
Pirbright Junction 1043hrs
Farnborough (Main) 1048hrs
Fleet 1051hrs
Winchfield (water loco) 1056-1109hrs
Basingstoke 1127hrs
Worting Junction 1132hrs
Andover 1150hrs
Tunnel Junction 1206hrs
Salisbury (Pl 4) (water loco) 1209-1225hrs
Wilton Junction 1230hrs
Warminster 1250hrs
Westbury 1301-1311hrs
Bradford Junction 1322hrs
Bathampton Junction 1337hrs
Bath Spa (Pl. 1) 1341-1346hrs
North Somerset Junction 1358hrs
Bristol East Junction 1359hrs
Bristol Temple Meads (Pl. 10) 1403hrs

And return;

1Z83 Bristol Temple Meads to London Victoria

Bristol Temple Meads (Pl. 10) 1733hrs
Bristol East Junction 1735hrs
North Somerset Junction 1737hrs
Bath Spa (Pl. 2) 1749-1753hrs
Bathampton Loop 1758-1810hrs
Bradford Junction 1827hrs
Westbury 1838hrs
Warminster 1849hrs
Wilton Junction 1909hrs
Salisbury (Pl. 4) (water loco) 1916-1940hrs
Tunnel Junction 1945hrs
Andover 2004hrs
Worting Junction 2027hrs
Basingstoke 2031hrs
Fleet 2044hrs
Farnborough 2049hrs
Pirbright Junction 2054hrs
Brookwood (water loco) 2057-2109hrs
Woking Junction 2113hrs
Woking 2115-2117hrs
Byfleet & New Haw 2123hrs
Addlestone Junction 2127hrs
Virginia Water 2135hrs
Staines (Pl. 1) 2144-2146hrs
Feltham 2156hrs
Feltham Junction 2158hrs
Twickenham Junction 2200hrs
Twickenham 2201hrs
St. Margarets 2203hrs
Richmond 2206hrs
Barnes 2214hrs
Clapham Junction (Pl 3) 2222-2224hrs
Longhedge Junction 2228hrs
Stewarts Lane Junction 2231hrs
Grosvenor Bridge Junction 2234hrs
London Victoria (Pl. 2) 2237hrs

All info is from http://www.steamdreams.com/
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