Changes to Cheshire bus services.

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23 Jan 2009
A number of new commercial school services have been registered:
16 Knutsford Rd, Dixon Dr to St Nicholas High by GHA Coaches (Not sure what town those roads are in though!)
BA32 Sandbach to Hartford by Barratts Coaches Not sure which schools/colleges they are intending to serve
E77 Handforth to All Hallows High School by GHA Coaches
869 Coppenhall - Marshfield - West Street - South Cheshire College by Routemaster Buses Ltd They are a company offering old routemaster buses for hire!

The following services have been cancelled:
Bakerbus services 90 and 92 have been cancelled and will be part covered by the revised 99, 99A, 99B, 99C service. Service 91 has been moved to a new registration with the new 95 service Congleton - Retail Park - Lower Heath with slight timing changes.

Bakerbus seperate 93 and D1 registrations have been cancelled and the journeys have been incorporated with the revised X38 registration. The X38, 76 and 93 services will now provide a frequent service to / from West Heath and the X38 has been revised with more journeys to / from Crewe.

And one new service has recently started:
A free shuttle service between Crewe station and Tesco Extra every 15 minutes between 09:45 and 14:30 operated by D&G.
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Knutsford Rd, Dixon Dr turns out to be a junction between those two roads in Chelford.
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