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Discussion in 'UK Railway Discussion' started by Furrball, 17 Nov 2011.

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  1. Furrball

    Furrball Member

    9 May 2011
    Apologies if posted before:

    Email from East Coast today:

    Join our new online forum and talk with the East Coast directors and senior managers.

    The forum will be held on the afternoon of Tuesday 22 November and will give you a new way to put questions directly to our key decision makers.

    As well as seeing the response to your questions, you can also view questions submitted by others, and responses from the decision makers at East Coast, via a live discussion board.

    Any aspect of our service will be open for discussion, so please take the time to join the debate. To access the forum, visit and follow the simple instructions below:

    1. The forum will open on Tuesday 22 November, between 12.00 and 15.00
    2. To login as a new user, visit and click 'register'. Once you have read our forum terms and conditions, click 'I agree'
    3. Complete a simple registration page, which only requires a username, email address and a password. Make a note of the username and password for future reference
    4. Enter the confirmation code requested and join the discussion

    We hope you can take this opportunity to share your views and suggestions with us.
    Best Wishes
    The East Coast Team
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  3. Aictos

    Aictos Established Member

    28 Apr 2009
    Call me a cynic but isn't this just another thing which First Capital Connect does which has been taken on by East Coast, ;)

    It won't be the first thing (pardon the pun) or the last thing which FCC has done so well that East Coast sees fit to use not that it's a bad thing!

    Still it makes life easier for 2013 when First get the ICEC franchise :)
  4. DaveNewcastle

    DaveNewcastle Established Member Fares Advisor

    21 Dec 2007
    Newcastle (unless I'm out)
    I have no intention of calling you a cynic. But . . . . . .

    Anyway, if EC treat the dialogue this 'forum' creates with their usual platitudes, distorted figures, positive spin and assurances that they want to listen, then I might just have an uncontrollable fit of vomiting (but fortunately, the mess won't amount to much, because their evening meals don't amount to much).

    I struggle to think of any other Company which has put so much effort into destroying an established, respected and valuable brand-image while attempting to cover up that destruction with spin, marketing and by substituting value with words, while still trying to increase its market profile and, of course, its market share.

    This latest propsal for an on-line forum clinches my proposal to nominate East Coast for my annual Award for the UK Company which, when faced with a challenge, doesn't waste time on doing anything, but instead decides what they wil be saying about it.
    East Coast? You are the winners!
  5. attics26

    attics26 Member

    9 Jun 2009
    East Coast? You are the winners!

    and that is the only bit they will notice and presume they got something right !
  6. amcluesent

    amcluesent Member

    19 Dec 2010
    Timing is courageous the day after the FC menu changes come in. If I don't like the new hot options, I'll have my PA log in and comment to EC.
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