Cheapest way from Stansted Mountfitchet to Bristol Temple Meads

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18 Apr 2011
Hello - I'm looking for some fares advice please.
I'm looking the cheapest way to travel the following journey:

Stansted Mountfitchet (SST) to Bristol Temple Meads (BRI)

1 person has 16-25 railcard and requires a ticket for the full journey.
1 person has a season ticket covering SST to Liverpool Street (LST) and associated annual gold card.

Oyster cards could also be used for cross-London connections.
Committing to specific trains is OK.

Out Friday 20/07/2012 leaving after 6pm
Return Sunday 22/07/2012 leaving after 2pm

Thank you! :smile:
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4 Feb 2010
For the Y-P holder, the outbound journey can be had for £7.90 if an arrival time of 0129 is acceptable. Otherwise a number of departures are available for £13.85.

For the return journey, there are plenty of tickets available for £15.50, or £13.85 for the 1200 or 1900 departure. £11.90 on the 2000.

For the Gold Card holder, tickets could be bought from Zone U1* London to include travel on the Underground however the add-on would not be discounted as part of the Advance. The 0129 arrival can be had for £10 if booking from Paddington and paying for cross-London transfer separately (£1.30 on Oyster PAYG loaded with the Gold Card discount), or £13 if bought from Zone U1* London, or £12 if bought from SST (with cross-London transfer included). (Crazy, I know!) Departures corresponding to the £13.85 fare for the Y-P holder can be had for £18 if booked from Paddington, or £21 if booked from Zone U1* London or SST.

For the return journey, £18 on the 1200 or 1900, or £15 on the 2000, all booked to Paddington. Add £3 for Zone U1* London so it will be cheaper to use Oyster.

These fares are very reasonable and I doubt there would be anything cheaper. However I cannot guarantee that these are the absolute cheapest at the moment.

All fares quoted are Advance fares so you will need to travel on the trains booked.
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