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Discussion in 'Fares Advice & Policy' started by headshot119, 12 May 2015.

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  1. headshot119

    headshot119 Established Member

    31 Dec 2010
    I'm making a journey from Cheltenham Spa - Wrexham General on a midweek day in June. I require walk on tickets as I'm currently unsure what time I will be finished with my work in Cheltenham.

    I have a railcard (16-25) the SDS is £33.55.

    I've tried and had a check on brfares and I'm struggling to find anything cheaper.

    I'm fairly sure when I made a similar journey a couple of years back someone on here suggested a much better ticket. Not too worried about how much trouble I'd have with staff as long as there's a good saving to be had.
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  3. Romilly

    Romilly Established Member

    5 Nov 2013
    I think that this may be the earlier thread:

    Assuming your outward journey would be after 10am, the fares (incl. railcard discount) would be £8.20 Cheltenham-Worcester anytime day single, £16.35 West Midlands Day Ranger, and £3.45 Gobowen-Wrexham General anytime day single: total £28

    Even better would be: Cheltenham-Wolverhampton £15.90 offpeak single, and Wolverhampton-Wrexham General £9.95 offpeak day single: total £25.85
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