Chris's BVE Pages has moved - **PLEASE UPDATE LISTINGS*...

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9 Apr 2006
London, UK
Hi, I just want to relay what Chris Roger said on another forum...

To make way for a new project, the old site which hosted Chris's BVE Pages has moved.

Chris's BVE Pages is the home of the old Epping-Ongar route and the Moorfield - Hammerwich extension route.

Please update all bookmarks to the new address:

Would all directory site administrators who list my pages also please update or remove their listing. The old address is now in use for a new, non-railway related project and should no longer be referred to as a BVE site.

Also, please spread this news via other forums you may post on. I am no longer active in BVE development, so am not familiar with many of the current forums, but wish to spread this news widely.

Chris's BVE Pages is now hosted on Freewebs, so is liable to bandwidth problems, although the downloads are hosted externally to reduce the chances of this occurring.


Chris Rogers.

Chris Rogers.
Not open for further replies.