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Churnet Valley Steam update (Batt Holden ltd)

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lil Bear

1 Oct 2019
Staffs Moorlands
Batt Holden Ltd are the owners of USATC S160s nos 5197 and 6046, plus LMS 8F no. 48173. Their base is at Cheddleton in Staffordshire, where they provide engineering support to the Churnet Valley Railway alongside their own activities. Whilst they have no website, their Facebook page does receive (in)frequent updates. This morning they have announced some of the work undertaken since the autumn, and the addition of a 4th member to the fleet.

Update from Batt Holden (open to the public)
This year we have made big efforts to deal with long standing ‘issues’ with our locomotives. It is quite common to defer some repairs to winter or even major overhaul, as however we had plenty of spare time we have made good use of it.

Both S160’s have been in service at the Churnet Valley Railway in 2020, and to assist the railway we offered free use of our locomotives for the season.


In September we discovered an old Chinese repair on the LH cylinder had failed. No doubt made up of material we are no longer able to use, we investigated various options and took 2 decisions...
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12 Oct 2014
Greg Wilson that owns them really loves S160s doesn’t he? Presumably the newest fleet member is to provide extra hire opportunities for the Polar Express experiences, now that more railways are looking to do that.
Wouldn’t be surprised if the KWVR & Dartmouth steam railways hire theirs out next xmas too.

And let’s be honest, most of us would love to own and operate our favourite types of steam loco so I don’t blame Mr Wilson.
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