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CIG + 33 Weekend at GCR (19th+20th)

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13 Jun 2005
Next Weekend (19th and 20th August) Great Central Railway will be running the Southern Slam-door CIG (1393) along with the Class 33 Diesel Locomotive owned by NRM at York. The CIG will be running in the Push Pull mode. For the benefit to those who don't not know Push Pull mode allows the Train to be driven from both the CIG and 33 Cabs, eliminating the need for a Runaround.

The CIG will run throughout the day with trips from Loughborough to Rothley with one final trip of the day through to Leicester North. If the CIG isn't to your taste there are...
  • 2 Steam Locomotives running through out the DayClass
  • 101 DMU Railcar running on the 9.30 departure to Leicester
  • 12.15 and 2.25 Services Diesel Hulled
The CIG is due to be repainted soon into pre-privatisation colours so possibly your last chance to see the CIG in current SWT livery!

Ticket Prices for the Weekend:
All Day Tickets:
Adults: £12
Children/Concessions: £8
Family (1 Adult + 3 Children): £20
Family (2 Adults + 3 Children): £20

Local Fares and other tickets are available.

More Information can be found at GCR Website at www.gcrailway.co.uk
Working Timetable can be found here. (PDF)

A quick note to say to say the Diesel Gala is due to be held mid-September and I know many of you enjoyed the previous Gala. Maybe arrangements made soon? ;)

Thanks :)
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9 Jun 2005
Random fact: It wasn't until recently I found out that some CIGs carried the Jaffa Cake livery. I thought it was just CEPs for when they ran the Hastings services.
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