Circle line at Gloucester Road

Discussion in 'London Underground' started by MatthewRead, 10 Nov 2019 at 22:37.

  1. MatthewRead

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    21 Nov 2014
    Why do clockwise bound Circle line trains often stop beyond Gloucester Road station, with the last 2 carriages still platformed, to let eastbound District line trains pass?

    Wouldn't it be easier if they remained fully platformed, with their doors open, until the eastbound District has crossed over?
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  3. Dstock7080

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    17 Feb 2010
    West London
    That’s how the existing signalling is provided and has been for many years, even when the crossover to the District Line was removed.
    Advance starter EE225 will not clear unless a train is standing at it, station starter EE230 will clear first to allow movement to EE225.
    This may change when CBTC SMA5 is commissioned.
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