City Breezing 02 : 19/12/06

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25 Jun 2005
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I left yard at 11:26. A bus conveniently arrived at 11:30, and I took it to Forest Hill. Arriving at 11:35 with a tight connection for the 11:38 from Forest Hill, I did some quick thinking and got my travelcard from the quiet newsagents vice the ticket office. Having done so at 11:36, the 11:38 formed of a 456 was rolling into Forest Hill station. After a mad dash across the road and bridge, I made it! We arrived at Clapham Junction at 12:01.

No 37 was present, so I took the ever late 12:03 to West Brompton. Arriving at 12:10, I stayed for an hour and saw the following; 66136, 66577 and 60100. I then took the 13:10 to Harrow and Wealdstone. One 37 was missing from North Pole, and another was idling - nothing like the dreadful start up billowing clag from 37603 yesterday. Wembley contained about a quarter dozen 56s and the usual locos.

Harrow and Wealdstone was live; 66713, 90048, 66538 and 60099 on the cements were seen. I then proceeded to Liverpool Street to meet Gez.

31452/31602 (thankfully) departed bang on time 15:57 with notch 1 no thrash. We then went off to Euston to see 87002 on 1G21 which was quite loud on departure. Filling in the gap the evening rush hour produces, we made a quick trip to the salubrious John Lewis so I could get a camera accessory.

A quick look on TRUST suggested that the NMT was not on today, but 1Z14 was over an hour late on a trip up and down the WCML. Not bothering to wait for either to turn up, it was a trip to the sardine simulator aka the Northern line for forwarding to Waterloo.

On the 18:50 to Clapham Junction, it was a slow journey, and we were greeted by a stabled 73107. We then took a rank unrefurb 455 to Wimbledon.

31601/31233 rolled in on 4Z07 and stopped for a few minutes. 31233 was hellfire leaving with massive thrash in an open environment unlike Liverpool Street! Those things don't half sound good!

So we headed for Victoria, where we saw the Kettle 45231 along with 73107 which also was very decent on diesel power!

After a fun day out there is still no better place to be than home!
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