City Breezing 14/12/06

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25 Jun 2005
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Today was somewhat a mixed bag.

I had planned to see the Blue Pullman heading out to Folkestone Harbour somewhere between Denmark Hill and Bromley but I couldn't decide where to lineside so I didn't bother. Instead, I headed the opposite way to Forest Hill, which was a 'fun' run with the nuts forces the bus driver was making with the brakes...

I caught the 11:22 to London Bridge, formed of a uniform Southern 455/456, and on the approach to the bustling terminus, I noticed an RHTT. As we were parallel to a 465 on the way in, which I needed to catch, I had to make a nifty transfer to London Bridge high level. The whining produced by the 465/2 was pretty loud.

The 11:50 off Waterloo was an 8.450, and we were out before the 159 diesel West of England service and the Woking 455. As ever, the 159s chugged past, and were out of Clapham Jn before we arrived. I was greeted by 73107 and stayed for a short while, until about 12:10. With a couple of hours to burn, I headed off and paid a visit to Uncle Skyler, who let me have a quick peek at TRUST, which I used to get the line up of Class 1 trains at London Euston. Among the 1Mxx Virgin/Silverlink services which all appeared to be a few minutes late, was a 1Z18, which showed as 18 late. Armed with the info, I made my way to Euston and 1Z18, formed of 37612/37610 was sat in platform 18. After getting permission and shots + a vid with moderate thrash, I learnt that 73235/73201 were out on a shout. So I took a bus to Waterloo and a Windsor bound 458 to Clapham Jn. Then onwards to Wimbledon.

With well over an hour to spare, I took the Croydon Tramlink to Croydon, on which I learnt of 2 changes - Ikea sponsoring their own stop and a ridiculously named 'Centrale' installed at Croydon town Centre. With plenty of school kids appearing, I got off at East Croydon, and took the 15:52 Southern service to Clapham Jn. I saw 66718 en route on a Tonbridge - Grain Metronet, which had the feather for Pouparts Junction at Clapham. Then the 16:06 SWT service to Wimbledon.

5 minutes before they were due, there were no signs of the EDs on P2 which showed as far as Motspur Park. So I took the 16:17 to Clapham Jn, and had a chat with the station staff, who saw the EDs! I also saw 159102+159/0. 102 was much brighter and fresh. Moving on, I arrived at Victoria, where the Blue Pullman arrived bang on time with 47709 hauling!!!

My mate was on the move to East Ham, so after a chat about recent events and watching the BTP arrest a fellow photter, 47712 was started up and away a couple of minutes early at 17:13.

Traversing Clapham Jn once more, I found myself on the 18:18 to Kensington Olympia, where various units were seen, then 6M95 with 37607 and two flasks.

For the forth time today, I was at Clapham Jn just before 8pm, where 31233/31601 paused on 4Z07 bang on time. Unfortunately this delayed the Watford 377 but there was some nice thrash out of the 31s! Definitely locos worth seeing! Then I went to the other side of the station and got some night shots of 73107.

Waterloo was the final place of interest, where 45231 'Sherwood Forster' and 73107 were seen, the latter taking the lot out on diesel power at 21:40.

Having seen everything I set out to see, I headed for London Bridge, and took the 21:54 456/455 to Forest Hill, arriving home at 22:20.
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