City Of Truro In The Highlands

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4 Jul 2005
I just had to didn't I? City Of Truro and the Strathspey........all I can say is that it is a lovely combination.

Having arrived in Aviemore around 9 o'clock this morning, I was there in plenty of time to see No. 3440. The first service I traveled on, and she sounded great. Second and third services I was a linesider, and got some very good images although at some times the sun wasn't in the right it was a case of bad lighting but good vantage point:

Also, was wondering if anybody could make a sport about racing a train lol. I raced 3440 leaving Aviemore ( and it can accelerate quick with 3 Mk2's and an inspection saloon ) twice, first time only just losing by a second ( I say losing as I never managed to get a front on photo ), but the second time I won.......I might upload the footage of me doing it at some point lol.'s a link to the rest of the photos:

And one last point......I would like the thank the staff at the Strathspey. I've never felt more welcome at that railway that i did today......and the driver ( John ) was the best. Invited me up on the cab without me having to me the thumbs up and cheering when I had beaten the train.....that's what I call enthusiasm. if not for the trains, visit the Strathspey for the people working there.
Not open for further replies.