Clapham Delays

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Julian G

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9 Jun 2005
Surprised to see green signal from platform 17 at 08:51 at Clapham Junction which normally would be red to allow the 08:52 Caterham (catbox) first
On the Boards , It was written like this-
1st 08:52 Caterham Delayed
Calling at Selhurst,East Croydon
2nd 08:59 London Bridge Delayed
Calling at Balham
Then it was like this
into this
1st 09:04 Epsom 09:04
Calling at Wandsworth Common,Balham
2nd 08:59 London Bridge 09:05
Calling at Balham
So the 08:52 Caterham Service was diverted to platform 13 for the fast run to Selhurst
and the 09:04 Epsom Service was an 8 Car Class 377 "Plastictrostar", I boarded the train and I did FC to Wandsworth Common in both of the Units*
*You know the area where the cab is, It was open and I went through the Cab Area to the other Unit*
We overtook the 08:52 Caterham Train at Wandsworth Common , and followed by a Vader 460
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