Class 37 liveries?

Discussion in 'Traction & Rolling Stock' started by Robinson102, 10 Apr 2015.

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  1. Robinson102

    Robinson102 Member

    16 Mar 2015
    Hi all,

    Just wondering, does anyone know of a list of class 37 liveries, available online?

    Or even if there's any books available, that might have a list?

    Thanks, Mark
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    As I am attempting to find photos of each livery, but this is likely to be difficult if it's an unknown list - hence my trying to assemble one!
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  3. SpacePhoenix

    SpacePhoenix Established Member

    18 Mar 2014

    Not been through all the pages but i would imagine the gallery would cover a good chunk of all liveries that the 37s have ever had
  4. sprinterguy

    sprinterguy Established Member

    4 Mar 2010
    The class 37 loco group website is usually a good source for this sort of thing, but I don't think that even they maintain such a list (link included as an example, though):

    It can get very complicated if you start to consider all the different permutations of BR blue and the large logo liveries (White stripes, yellow cab sides, large/small BR double arrows, etc).

    I'm not aware of such a list anywhere else, either, but here is what I think have been the main livery variants:

    BR Green, lion and wheel emblem
    BR Green, double arrow logo
    BR Blue, double arrow logo
    BR Large Logo (Applied to all the 37/4s as they underwent conversion, also carried by a number of 37/0s and 37/3s)
    BR Railfreight "large logo" Grey/yellow
    BR Railfreight "red stripe" Grey yellow
    BR Mainline (Essentially unbranded Intercity "swallow" livery)
    Trainload Freight - General (Red and yellow rectangles - Carried only by 37104, 673 and also 403 for one night only)
    Trainload Freight - Railfreight Distribution (Red rhombus' on yellow background)
    Trainload Coal (Black diamonds on yellow background)
    Trainload Construction (Blue and yellow squares)
    Trainload Petroleum (Blue and yellow waves)
    Trainload Metals (Blue and yellow chevrons)
    BR Unbranded trainload freight triple grey
    BR Civil Engineers "Dutch" (Grey/yellow)
    BR Departmental (All over dark grey)
    BR Regional Railways
    BR Intercity Swallow (As applied to 37152/221/251/505/510/683/685 for working the Inverness and Aberdeen sleepers with generator vans between 1992 and 1994, since carried by 37518 in preservation)
    BR Trainload Freight - Mainline "rolling wheels" branding in blue
    Mainline Freight (Aircraft blue with silver decals)
    Loadhaul (Black/orange)
    European Passenger Services (Trainload freight triple grey with the Channel tunnel "polo mint" metal segments)

    European Passenger Services - Blue DRS branding (As applied to six class 37/6s at the end of the nineties)
    English, Welsh & Scottish Railway (Red/gold)
    Royal Scotsman maroon (Different permutations - 37428 initially with large yellow numbers, 37401 and 416 later with small numbers)
    Direct Rail Services
    GIF (Spain) Light and dark blue
    Harry Needle Railway Company Light grey/orange (Worn by 37087/194)
    BR Two-tone green (As worn by classes 24, 25 and 47. Only carried by 37197 while owned by Ian Riley)
    West Coast Railway Company Maroon
    DRS "Compass"
    Network Rail Yellow
    DB Schenker Red
    Colas Rail Orange/Yellow/Black
    Europhoenix (Grey, blue and red)
    DRS "Swirly compass" (As applied to the new class 68s)

    That's everything I can think of, there might well be others that I have missed! Class 37s have been painted in just about everything going, being such a versatile design.

    There have also been a number of permutations and one-offs in addition to the mostly standard schemes listed above:

    37501 received a British Steel blue livery in the eighties.
    37116 "Sister Dora" carried BR blue livery with the Transrail "Big T" logo during the mid to late nineties.
    A few locomotives, such as 37350, 403 and 411 have also been returned to BR Green livery at various times from the nineties onwards, to varying levels of authenticity.
    Not forgetting the time that 37093 was dressed up in a predominantly white "Police" livery for an IC125 advert in the early eighties!
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  5. D60

    D60 Member

    16 Feb 2015
    Oh yeh, the 'POLICE' 37 !
  6. DarloRich

    DarloRich Veteran Member

    12 Oct 2010
    Work - Fenny Stratford(MK) Home - Darlington
    Were a few Thornaby 37's painted some form of British Steel blue livery?

    Do we consider class 97's to be 37's? ;)
  7. sprinterguy

    sprinterguy Established Member

    4 Mar 2010
    As noted in my post, 37501 (just the one) carried British Steel blue livery. I should hope that we count the 97s as 37s ;) - The renumbering seems even more arbitrary than many of BRs' more obscure choices, for the sake of the ERTMS equipment that is fitted to them (Though note that there actually is a Network Rail yellow 37 numbered as such - 37198 at the GCR).
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