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Clydeside or Whiteinch Tramway, Glasgow

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16 Sep 2018
I wonder if anyone can recall seeing an article about the above, either in a magazine ( for example " Railway Bylines " ) or in any other publication.

I have in my possession a copy of the September 1956 edition of " Supplement no.6 to the General Appendix to the Working Timetables " which covers the former LMS lines in Scotland and which details the locations where the Tramway starts and finishes together with the public thoroughfares crossed. Also , I have a copy of the two and one half inches to the mile Ordnance Survey map for the area on which it is shown. However, I would be interested if there are any details of the day to day operation of the Tramway and which depot ( I expect it would be Yoker - 65G ) provided the motive power.

There are, fortunately, a number of photographs reproduced in some of the publications by the late George C. O'Hara , with which I am sure some people will be familiar and which I have found most interesting.

I attended secondary school not far from the Tramway but my only recollection of it was the buffer stop at the end of the system at Ferry Road , Yoker. Recently, I visited some parts of Scotstoun where the Tramway passed through and was surprised to see in Methil Street in the pavement a short section of rails ( probably about one foot ) still in situ.

Incidentally, the booklet I mentioned refers to the Whiteinch Tramway though I am aware the name Clydeside Tramway is also used though, possibly, not in BR publications.

Finally, any details of where I might obtain further information would be much appreciated.
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8 Mar 2009
Central Scotland
There is a mention of it in the 1969 Sectional Appendix. As a child growing up in Scotstoun in the early 1960s I do have some memories of seeing trains on it. I have seen photos and articles about it - but can't remember where!
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