Coming Soon, New BVE4 Train: EMDI-SD70

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20 Nov 2006

My SD70 project is now coming along, after many months delay;
hope to have it ready for full release in 2~3 weeks.
The cab is nicely detailed (see attached images) &
the train is fully working with 4 units lashed up to 128 coal hoppers;
Items still lacking: misc FIRE & ICE screen functions;
misc accessories (bell/horn buttons, light switches, etc);
conductors left side of the cab; help screen.

The sounds are very pleasing to the ear, if I say so myself,
with prototype engine noise, bell, horn, & radio clips.
It feels like a 'King of The Road' on
SMIKE's BlueRidge run, or Steve Green's Desert Run.

Any willing ALFA/BETA Testers?
If so, send me an email & I'll forward the latest WIP.ZIP

Type Diesel
Year 1992.....
Clas 0660,42.00inch106.7cmtr Wheels,AC TracMotors,RadialBogies
Rout Alaska,Canada,USA,Mexico,Brazil,Australia.....
Srvc Psgr,2Unit+008Cars,Typical AKRR Tour Train
Frht,4Unit+128Cars,Typical UPRR WY Powder River Coal Drag
Frht,4Unit+115Cars,Typical BNSF InterModal Container Drag
Frht,4Unit+208Cars,Typical BHPB Australian Iron Ore Train

Mnfr ElectroMotiveDiesel
VMax 70.00m/hr 112.7k/hr
Engn 16cylindr x710inch3 200~950rpm
4300.hpwr 3210.kwat 11.00m/hr 17.70k/hr ThrtNtch8 2600.0vDC 0~8100amp 0~000hrtz
Motr 0670.hpwr 0500.kwat 0~3220rpm 3phMotors x6 x2vfds 0~2027vAC 0~86.1amp 0~120hrtz
Comp 130.0psig 896.3kpas/140.0psig 965.3kpas Load/UnLd
Btry 64.00volt 325.0amph
Efcy 003.4g/hr 012.9L/hr 0.0000m/g 0.0000k/L ThrtNtch0
013.0g/hr 049.2L/hr 0.3846m/g 0.1635k/L ThrtNtch1
207.0g/hr 783.6L/hr 0.5459m/g 0.2321k/L ThrtNtch8
Trac 201.2klbs 895.0knwt/157.0klbs 698.4knwt/106.0klbs 471.5knwt,48/37/25% Strt/Cont/Dyna
Mpty 186.7uton 168.7mton
Fuel 17.99uton 16.32mton 4900.galn 18548Litr
Lubr 01.60uton 01.45mton 0436.galn 1650.Litr
Watr 01.20uton 01.10mton 0275.galn 1041.Litr
Sand 02.29uton 02.08mton 2.000yrd3 1.500mtr3
Crew 00.20uton 00.34mton/2men
Gros 210.0uton 189.8mton/unit
LHWG 74.25feet 22.63metr,15.92feet 04.85metr,10.26feet 03.13metr,04.71feet 01.44metr

After introduction in 1992, EMDs SD70 locomotives quickly became a severe duty standard;
later more powerful models (SD80, SD90 to 6000hpwr 4476kwat) have proven less practical;
the series boasts the first practical application of AC motors in heavy freight service;
as of 2006, over 3000 SD70s have been built, both AC & DC units, mostly for UPRR & BNSF.
Cabs come with either an AAR style or desk style panel, tear-drop or square windshields,
& are typically outfitted with a fly-by-wire control system that is known as FIRE & ICE,
(FunctionIntegralRailElectronics & IntegralCabElectronics), replacing traditional gauges
with multiple display screens driven by industrial-hardened PCs running a WinXP variant,
that are networked with various sub-system controls: Engine, Generator, Invertors, Slip,
Compressor, Brake, Auxliary, EndOfTrain, AutoTrainControl, DistributedPowerUnitComs.....
Primary market competition for the SD70 is the GeneralElectric ES4400 locomotive series.

This is a software simulation of EMDs SD70MAC,SD70ACE diesel electric locomotive series,
depicting control equipment typically installed on the units & common operator practice,
utilizing information from substantial research to genericly model the prototype, though
various liberties were taken with the cabs display screens & the rear panel, as required
to allow for program limitations, estimated operating characteristics, several unknowns,
authors personal preferences, or for added interest/illustration through the simulation.


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24 May 2006
By the way Ron ... welcome to this Forum and thanks for all the help you've given me in the past :thumbup:


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