'Complimentary Travel Pass' from Northern after Delay Repay Claim

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  1. Dave91131

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    13 Jun 2018
    Hi all,

    I have received a 'complimentary travel pass' in the post from Northern following making a successful delay repay claim, entitling me to one return journey between any 2 stations on the Northern network using Northern trains only.

    The pass is a small rectangular card about the same size as a debit/credit card with my name hand-written on it by the issuing office, with vacant boxes in which 'from' and 'to' stations are to be written by myself as are the dates of the outward and return journeys.

    Having searched extensively and having not found any information prohibiting what I am about to ask, my question is whether there are any restrictions or limitations on the journeys that such a pass entitles the holder to make.

    We'll use the extreme and hypothetical example of a return journey from Hull to Middlesbrough. Given that the pass is quite explicitly only valid on Northern trains, are there any factors in terms of the validity of the pass prohibiting one from taking the following route: Hull to York, York to Leeds, Leeds to Carlisle, Carlisle to Newcastle, Newcastle to Middlesbrough, and the same in reverse?

    As a secondary query, if one were to take the above route, are there any restrictions preventing additional breaks of journey at intermediate stations on those various legs?

    Possibly a topic that could generate a fair bit of discussion.

    Many thanks for any information.
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  3. robbeech

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    11 Nov 2015
    There has been discussion before.

    Essentially this route will be accepted, break of journey will be allowed on the day and your return doesn’t have to be on the same day as the outward but as you have to specify a date it should be completed on that day (again breaking your journey wherever you wish.

    They’re fairly flexible and sometimes it’s worth having a think about the journey opportunities before writing in your origin and destination and the dates.
    From experience, guards don’t really look much at them.

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