Contacting TOCs and their non-responses

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8 Jan 2010
Bath (or Southend)
Over the last two months I have contacted TOCs on five occasions. However, during that time, I have received only two replies, both of which
were from First Great Western in response to the two letters I sent them.

Are operators not bound by their own Charters to respond within a set timeframe? What should happen in the event that they do not abide by this, at least without warning of their doing so? In particular, one of mine was set in May, and not only have I had no correspondence in relation to the matter (on the Website), nothing has been done to rectify it!
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28 Jun 2010
I think most do yes - around 5 days. But then if you posted something you are hoping that it gets to them but its too eaasy a get out clause for them to say they havent recieved it.

Of course if they had an influx of correspondance from people above and beyond what is normal then there is a chance it may have got mislaid amongst anything - some TOCs only have a small department to deal with such things which is pretty poor in the first place.

I reckon the best way to attract attention to your correspondance not getting seen to is to hit them on twitter if you use it or relevant FB page.

But since May is just not good enough really.


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12 Aug 2007
I have always had a response to email and postal letters
However, I send letters by Royal Mail Second Class Recorded and request the response is sent by Recorded delivery

I find First Great Western and ScotRail are the best at responding by letter, but don't always send by Recorded delivery as requested, but do send two letters; one to confirm receipt and that they will respond within 14 days, and then the actual response

London Midland are the worst, and quite often won't answer the question directly first time

Virgin Trains are quite slow, but I suspect that is due to the workload *

Cross Country are very good, but only by email with responses within 2 business days

Due to contractual reasons I cannot contact South West Trains and East Mildands Trains, I have to go through Stagecoach Head Office, but these responses are usually within 5 days

* I currently have one outstanding enquiry with Virgin Trains and have had three confirmations they are still investigating and will respond within 28 days, then 14 days, and another 14 days...
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