Cornfield Express 36: Subotica (50 p.)

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19 Mar 2007
Vienna, Austria

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August 14 2015

We return to Subotica station on a very hot afternoon. As you can see, many signs are bilingual in Serbian / Hungarian.

View towards the partly not electrified freight tracks of the station: DB Cargo Romania 480 004 - a "Transmontana" with old front built by Softronic in Craiova - had arrived via Hungary.

You do what you can in 95 degree heat.

Innovative uniform cooling.

The "Transmontana" had been pulled by a "yellow chicklet" back under overhead wires.

Railroader mountaineering club.

City impressions.

Modern roundabout, classic vehicles. We ate dinner in the vicinity.

August 15 2015

I walked from the hotel to the station through the pedestrian zone Saturday morning before 6 a.m.

View through the waiting area.

Sunrise behind "chicklet" ŽS 621-102 (ČMKS (today CZ Loco at Česká Třebová, Czechia) #212 / built in 2005).

Walkway across the mainline Serbia - Hungary, also used by the general population.

The friendly engineer started his day with coffee at the workplace.

View towards the station building.

Nicely mixed.

I walked back to the hotel for breakfast.

Watering flowers.

View past the national theater towards city hall.

City hall details.

After breakfast, we started our sightseeing tour.
First at the Art Nouveau Synagogue erected 1901-1903. The interior has now been renovated as well, back then it was not accessible:

Old streetcars have been preserved.

Historic photos found inside our hotel "Gloria", here in front of the original national theater.

Reichle Palace is a prime example of Hungarian Art Nouveau, built in 1904 by influential architect Ferenc Raichle.

Exhibition space inside.

A cartoon fitting for this trip with two bus rides in Serbia - I am not showing it entirely, the artist is called Gábor Szalma.
Essentially, a boy is complaining to the conductor about a long wait, passengers are supposedly being treated "like animals". The conductor: "Then take the bus" - reply: "You take the bus!"

A few final Art Nouveau impressions.

It was time to get the luggage for the journey home by "Avala".
711-022 (Russian Metrowagonmash 2012) waited for departure to Novi Sad via Sombor and Bogojevo at 11:02 a.m. - interestingly exactly 20 minutes before the scheduled arrival of "Avala" from Belgrade.

The Balkans tour 2015 was concluded in style with GM rumbling in the distance...

661-116 (GM-EMD #26243 / built in 1960) hauled 441-751 (Rade Končar 1987, one of the last ever produced 441s).

MMV (Magyar Magánvasút) 602-001 - a "Phoenix" delivered in 2009 by Softronic - had just arrived from Hungary.

As mentioned, the path was also used by city dwellers.

Departure two minutes delayed.

Border check of freight cars. Soon afterwards, our "Avala" arrived and took us home punctually.

Something is still missing and will be the main topic next time! :0)
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