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Could have been blown up on the journey from hell

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6 Jun 2005
I went up to Euston today to do the 90s on the 1341, as this turned out to be a Pendo I decided to go to St Pancras to do some HSTs indtead, the 1355 was supposed to be a HSt but was viced with a 9 card Meridian so I decided to take the 1425 towards Sheffield to Bedford. This was all fine and was one time all the way a nice trip arriving at 1500. When I got to Bedford I saw a meridian with London St Pancras on the Dot Matrix at the front I thought I'd take that. It wasn't going anywhere because of a security scare at Luton, the next train southbound was the 1510 at this time still going to Brighton. This got held at Harlington for about 5-10 minutes as we were told that the train would be terminating at Leagrave and that the situation at Luton had got more serious. When we got to Leagrave at about 1540 there was a large police presence of about 10-15 police officers. There was supposed to be buses to St Albans but these were not yet arranged. I waited around the station for the buses hearing snippets of information about Luton, then a poster was put up explaining what had happened at Luton Car Park. There was a suspicious car in the car park and that there was a 200 yard cordon around the area, this was directly linked to the London bombings. I overheard snippets of information about the car being safely exploded etc. Whent he coaches finally turned up around 1735 I was the second person on the first coach and we made our way to St Albans arriving about 1805. The train we were supposed to get to Moorgate was cancelled due to a technical fault with the radio, I started to think what else could go wrong. We were directed to Platform 3 and left on another train about 10 minutes later. This took me to Moorgate where I caught the Northern Line to Kennington where I changed for another Southbound train for Balham. My only good luck of the day happened here where I caught a delayed train to my station straight away. Got home finally about 1955 about 3 hours later then I should have been home. I was lucky in a way as my Midland Mainline train was the last train Northbound before Luton station was closed, there has now been explosives found in this car for sure so this was not a scare it was a serious threat. I'm glad I got home safely and am safe and well. One of my worst journeys ever though.
Not open for further replies.