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Cp5 hlos

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25 Feb 2010
Expected next week, looks like the Saturday papers have been briefed by the Government on what to expect. For this reason im expecting a host of weekend 'previews' and 'leaks'. Network Rail asked for £10.4bn in their Initial Industry Plan last year.

To kick this off the Guardian are reporting that it will be £10bn and heralded as 'The greatest investment in Britains railways since the Victorian age' (though it will actually be £2bn less than spent in CP4 2009-14 because the £4.5bn Thameslink program was Treasury spending rather than NR spending).

Their suggesting it will include MML electrification as a sop to Clegg (and his Sheffield constituency), electrification to Swansea, Northern Hub, Valley Lines electrification, speed upgrades for the ECML and the Oxford-Cambridge rail link reinstatement.
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7 Apr 2010
We've already got this covered in about four other threads, mainly in the infrastructure section, haven't we?

I don't see why you think MML is a sop to Clegg, it was clearly the big ticket item in last September's proposals.
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