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Crich Tramway Village 'London 60' event - 08/07/12

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10 May 2011
Good evening all,

I'm pleased to reveal the 'final' details on Crich's London 60 event taking place this coming Sunday, for the benefit of everyone planning to attend. As ever, everything is subject to change, and the operation and display of some cars is also weather dependant. It will be good to see many of you all there.

The day kicks off with three different photo opportunities around the village scene, with 331 posed at Town End, newly-launched 159 under the Bowes-Lyon Bridge, and the trio of LCC 106, LT 1622 and the Croydon Tramlink KLV on the depot fan. All three displays should remain for about thirty minutes, with LCC 106 remaining out a little longer if the weather is suitable!

The first tram of the day will be a photographer's special in the form of MET 331, leaving Town End at 10.30 and running to Wakebridge and meeting LUT 159 there, where the two cars will remain for photographs. 159 is then due to enter service from Wakebridge. Also running will be LT 1622 and Johannesburg 60, both of which will be decorated for the event. 1622 will be sporting replica 'Last Tram Week' banners, as well as other 'embellishments' carried by the final cars, and 60 will be decked out with Union Jacks and bunting, as fitted to some of the 'private hires' during the run-down of London's tramways. As some may be aware, 60 bares resemblance to some of London's ex-West Ham four-wheeler cars, and - although the car won't be receiving any London 'alterations', I hope that this may provide some additional interest and, with a little bit of imagination, a further London car to bridge the 'gap' between LCC 106 and LT 1622! There will also be two additional service trams taken from either Sheffield, Leeds or Blackpool - systems that remained in operation beyond 1952.

Lunchtime will see a line-up of the majority of the Museum's London cars on the depot fan - LCC 106, LUT 159, MET 331, LT 1622, Croydon 058, and 'West Ham' 60. Sadly, it's not going to be possible to extract London 1 from the Exhibition Hall for the event, although the tram will have a small display about London's tramways around it.

After lunch we're having a London cavalcade, which I believe will be the biggest London-themed one to be run at the Museum. No details on the order but all the operational cars will be featuring in this, subject to availability as always! This should begin to be formed up at around 2PM, so make sure you're in the Town End vicinity for it! Following this, it is hoped to press the KLV into demonstration runs, though - again - this is subject to the usual caveats.

Finally, what I'm perhaps looking forward to the most, is going to be a small re-enactment of the 'actual' 'Last Tram' way back in 1952. This will take place at around 4PM opposite the Red Lion, and again will utilise all the operational London passenger cars (The KLV will be dispatched back to the depot prior to this, considering that it's around 50 years too late for inclusion!). 'General public' are wanted to both board 1622 - which will be the 'Last Tram' - and gather around the Red Lion to be the crowds of well-wishers for the journey. 1622 will then perform one, final, ceremonial journey up the street and into depot, with the other London cars also running off at this point. Although really we should run them directly into the depot, there will be the opportunity for a final few photographs on the depot fan of 331, 159 and 1622 in its paraphernalia - which will be coming off the car on Monday. 60 will operate a final service round-trip before also running in.

Following this, the last few trams will be maintained by the 'post-1952' cars from Leeds, Blackpool or Glasgow, up until the last tram at 5PM - or slightly later if the demand warrants it.

So - there you have it! Not too busy a day but one that I hope will create interest and follow on nicely from the recent launches of 630 and 236. We should also end up having had three of the four currently operable works cars out on the line this season too, following on from Cardiff 131 and the Electric Loco!

Plus, if all of that isn't enough, don't forget that the event is also going to see the return of the 'Big Book Sale' in the Exhibition Hall throughout the day, with the opportunity to purchase some of the Library's duplicate London-related items, as well as a special London themed menu being served in Rita's Tea Rooms/Red Lion Upper Deck throughout the day - see http://www.tramway.co.uk/sites/default/files/LONDON 60 8th July.pdf for details! The street will also be decorated with bunting with tram stops also being 'London-ised'...

As ever, any comments are gratefully appreciated, though it's unlikely that much will be able to be changed this late in the day.

I look forward to seeing some of you at the event on Sunday - do come and say 'Hello' if you spot me, I'll be the one running around making sure everything is going to plan, no doubt!

The one thing I can't plan for is the weather. Fingers crossed it's a little better than the Boat's launch, though...

Finally, thanks just go out to everyone at the Museum that's assisted making the event happen so far!

Kind regards,

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