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9 Jan 2016
Target role/career: Engineering Team Leader.

Currently my CV has plenty of Engineering experience and qualifications as well as Leadership experience and qualifications, all achieved as an Aircraft Engineer in the RAF...

HNC Level 4 in Engineering
NVQ Level 3 in Aeronautical Engineering
BTEC Level 3 in Engineering
Advanced Apprenticeship in Engineering
ILM Level 3 Leadership & Management
CMI Level 3 First Line Management
...and some other smaller stuff to pad it out.

I have a few months left in the RAF (can start new employment Oct/Nov) and a budget of £534 available to blow on anything course/qualification related. Is there anything I can do with the dosh (small amount I know) that will be useful on the railways? It will go unused otherwise.
I have known a few people in my position who have gone on to be an Engineering Team Leader with less, so I know its achievable, but hey, the £534 is free money.

Also as a side note are there any other websites/forums like this one that you browse as much as this one for all things railway that I should be sticking my beak into? From what I can see this one is brilliant, but wouldn't want to miss out if there are more...

Thanks all.
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