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You ain't the only one to have crazy dreams. Last night I had the best kip I have had in years and I dreamt.

The dream was of a beautiful planet scenery wise that had only one sex. Men with wings like Angels. These guys seemed just like all other guys [except for the wings] until I visited a nursery and discovered they laid eggs!!

The dream then changed to somewhere else and I was told to report for military service. The recruiting Sergeant was an enormous geezer built like a brick outhouse who bawled and hollered like all Sergeants do. The only thing out of place was that he was wearing a Tutu and had a bell on the end of his baton.

For some reason it change scenes to a vision of a steam engine coming along a canal with President Bush on the top of the boiler singing 'The Star Spangled Banner' while eating a banana and wearing a dustbin. I woke up then. :sad11:
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