Day trip to Isle of Wight to use gold card...

Discussion in 'Fares Advice & Policy' started by Gnasher11, 19 Apr 2018.

  1. Gnasher11

    Gnasher11 Member

    29 Sep 2016
    My gold card expires end of July and I must have been one of the last lucky few to get the 6 free tickets.
    I intend to use one to travel from Motspur Park to IOW, but assume I need to book ferry or hovercraft separately? Ideally want to combine with trip on Steam railway too. What is the cheapest crossing? Apart from swimming! Season is Ryde St. Johns road to Ryde Esplanade.
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  3. DelW

    DelW Member

    15 Jan 2015
    You should be able to book through tickets to any IoW station via either Wightlink (catamaran) or Hovertravel. However some posters on here have reported problems booking through tickets recently. See the "Chippenham to Lake" thread on this forum for more details.
    There's little difference in price or overall time between the two crossing routes.
    Journey planners will only show stops at Smallbrook Junction when the steam line is running.
  4. Iggy12a

    Iggy12a Member

    31 May 2017
    I don't think the SWTrains free ticket is valid on either the hovercraft or catamaran.
    The hovercraft does sell inclusive packages with IOW attractions. Have a look at and then look for the combination tickets to the steam railway.

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