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DB Talent Pool

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25 Feb 2020
I was just looking for some advice really, if anyone could help that would be great ☺️

I am currently in the talent pool for a trainee driver with DB in Carlisle. I passed my psychometrics in Jan 2020 and my DMI in Feb 2020. I obviously understand that there is no time frame with being in the talent pool, but I was wondering if anyone knows if training is back up and running as I believe it was all stopped last year.
I have emailed for an update regarding my position in the talent pool but haven’t heard back, do you think it’s appropriate to give them a cal for an update? I don’t want to pester anyone but obviously am very keen to actually get started.
Does anyone know of anything I can do to support my place in the talent pool, or is it just a case of waiting to hopefully hear one day?
Thank you for taking the time to read
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