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25 Aug 2005
Where 58's still operate in commercial service...
The last shots for 2005. A year with Steam, diesel and Electric, Infrastructure, underground, heritage trains, the last slammer. While the High speed line soap in Holland continues, ACTS traction B.V received their third class 58 from EWS, and some more new loco's, and is now the second operator for freight transport in Holland.

We have seen combined Thalys trains, derailments, a sinking central station in Amsterdam due to the construction of a deep level underground line and the end of the first Mat 64. trainsets aswell as SM90 that suddently dissapeared from the rails.

2005 brought us four new Olympic trains, a large order for new trains, new plans for a high speed line to the north and new TOC's like Arriva trains Holland and ConneXXion. And Syntus now operating 4 daily trains between Arnhem and Emmerich (Germany).

Little will change for 2006. But 2007........ will be the year of truth, or as many believe, the year of the timetable disaster.

I wish you a Happy christmas and a healthy 2006.


Yesterday evening and this afternoon I went out for the last set of photo's for 2005.

Completley surprised I was able to spot the ACTS "Veendam Shuttle" wich was 2 hours late, hauled by the 5814.


and the 2971 still standing at Haarlem after a collition with a truck earlier that week at Hoek van Holland. (look at the front coach)


Ofcourse I have everything online at my website.

Maarten Otto
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