Delays to and from various London terminals/stations this evening

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15 Nov 2011
Between the parallel lines
I am posting this in case this forum is the first call for members looking for info about any problems, and in order to allow any discussion.

There are currently three issues which will affect services this evening:

Sadly, a person has been struck by a train at Alexandra Palace, so delays of up to 60 minutes (probably more) are expected to continue until further notice between London King's Cross and Stevenage. Without wishing to trivialise this, it will be a good test of the new concourse at KGX, but on the other hand I do feel for anyone trying to get home from there, and of course for staff and witnesses involved in this.

A broken down lorry (rumoured to have run out of fuel :roll:) has just been removed from the Eastern Avenue level crossing at Shoreham-by-Sea, and delays of up to 45 minutes are now spreading across Southern's network, as well as part of FGW's network. Services were held for a while during recovery.

Lastly, as we all probably now know, overhead line problems have led to the suspension of services between Stratford and Tottenham Hale.

I would say that makes for a bad evening in the London area...
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