Delays when traveling on an Advance ticket

Discussion in 'Fares Advice & Policy' started by gray1404, 27 Apr 2015.

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  1. gray1404

    gray1404 Established Member

    3 Mar 2014
    What happens when you are traveling on an Advance ticket and you are delayed.

    I often travel on an Advance ticket that is only valid with one (or 2) TOCs (in my case it tends to either be LM Only or SN&LM Only depending on where I'm traveling to exactly from my neck of the woods). I was just checking a fare online and I saw it said in the ticket restructions (at -

    "If the train the customer purchased a ticket for is cancelled or delayed by more than 60 minutes, special arrangements will be made to accommodate them on another train (although a seat cannot be guaranteed)."

    So what is the offical line when your train is delay on an Advance ticket that is also TOC specific (i.e NOT "and connections"). Do you simply have to wait for the next service on that same TOC that is running? (and then claim through delay repay). Is it only after 60 minutes delay that you can then resort to traveling with any TOC with the same ticket or do you have to the same TOC restriction imposed on the ticket throughout for as long as services are still running?
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  3. bb21

    bb21 Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    4 Feb 2010
    Yes, you will have to wait for the next service operated by the same company unless ticket acceptance has been arranged with another TOC.

    Even if the delay were greater than 60 minutes, there is no automatic right to the use of another TOC's service, although that said, every time I experienced substantial delays, arrangements were made with other TOCs to convey passengers on their services. To most staff on the front line, it is far more important to enable passengers to continue their journey with minimal fuss than argue over the TOC restriction on their original ticket.
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