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Discussion in 'Fares Advice & Policy' started by button_boxer, 3 Nov 2011.

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  1. button_boxer

    button_boxer Established Member

    12 Nov 2009
    I'm looking at a weekend trip to Glasgow travelling up from Derby on Friday 20th January and back on Monday 23rd. Need to be there by about 17:30 on the Friday but flexible about times coming back, however I would like to go the quick route via Crewe and the WCML if possible rather than the direct XC service that takes an hour longer.

    I've not been able to find any reasonably priced advances for the times I need so looking at flexible tickets. The through SVR is £104.90, I've got it down to £91.30 by splitting at Carlisle, does anyone have any better ideas?
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  3. CompactDstrxion

    CompactDstrxion Member

    8 Jun 2009
    Can't help with the WCML route but if you split at Leeds you can combine a Derby-Leeds SVR with a Leeds-Glasgow Route Appleby SOR for a total of £77. You also have a PM.
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  4. rail-britain

    rail-britain Established Member

    12 Aug 2007
    I made a similar journey a few years ago

    Glasgow - Preston
    Preston - Crewe
    Crewe - Derby
    (plus Derby - Kettering)

    You could split Preston - Crewe further, sometimes there are further small savings
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