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Derbyshire Wayfarer Nottingham and Beeston

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5 Nov 2013
I have to say that I find it difficult to be sure that I fully understand the instructions on the Derbyshire Council website, which say:

The Derbyshire Wayfarer is a day rover ticket allowing virtually unlimited bus and train travel throughout Derbyshire for a whole day.

Travel between Derbyshire and Sheffield city centre, Burton-on-Trent town centre, Macclesfield town centre, Leek town centre and Uttoxeter town centre is also included (valid on direct journeys to/from Derbyshire only).

Derbyshire Wayfarer ticket prices

£12.30 for an adult (plus one child under 16)
£6.15 for a senior citizen (aged 60 or over), a child under 16 (a dog may travel in place of a child) or a holder of a Gold Card or other English National Concessionary Travel Scheme (ENCTS) pass
£22.50 for a group of up to two adults and up to three children (a dog may travel in place of a child).
Once purchased, tickets are not refundable.

Where to buy Derbyshire Wayfarer tickets

You can buy Derbyshire Wayfarer tickets in advance, or (subject to opening hours) on the day you wish to travel, from any of these outlets:

tourist information centres in Ashbourne, Bakewell, Buxton, Castleton, Chesterfield, Derby, Leek, Sheffield and Swadlincote
the bus travel office at Derby Bus Station
public libraries in Alfreton, Belper, Glossop, Heanor, Ilkeston, Long Eaton, Matlock, Melbourne and Swadlincote
New Mills Heritage Centre
Newbury's News near Dronfield Station
East Staffordshire Council customer service centre in Burton-on-Trent
Uttoxeter Town Hall.
You can also buy Derbyshire Wayfarer tickets on the day of travel from the drivers of these local buses:

Arriva Midlands
Ashbourne DRT
Bakewell CT (service222)
G&J Holmes
High Peak (certain services only)
Midland Classic
Moorlands Connect
Notts & Derby
Stotts Tours
TM Travel
Trent Barton
Tickets can only be purchased where they are valid.

These railway station ticket offices sell Derbyshire Wayfarer tickets on the day of travel:

Long Eaton
New Mills - only open on Mondays to Fridays, until 1pm
Newtown - only open on Mondays to Fridays, until 1pm
Nottingham and Beeston stations sell special Derbyshire Wayfarer tickets which also include rail travel from those stations to Long Eaton or Langley Mill. These tickets are priced at £16.90 (adult) and £8.45 (concessionary). Group tickets are not available from these stations.

Derbyshire Wayfarer tickets cannot be purchased on board trains, at unstaffed stations, or from station ticket machines.

I have added the emboldening. To me, the emboldened words read as if a Derbyshire Wayfarer does not include validity to/from Beeston/Nottingham unless bought from Beeston or Nottingham railway station.
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13 Oct 2014
Also despite saying travel on trains throughout Derbyshire is allowed, it isn't the case, I got on a train at Glossop and was forced to pay again, which is a total con trick!
11 Sep 2012
Also despite saying travel on trains throughout Derbyshire is allowed, it isn't the case, I got on a train at Glossop and was forced to pay again, which is a total con trick!

The day rover ticket map I have does NOT show validity on trains out of Glossop. It lists routes available and no mention of Glossop to Dinting/Hadfield which would be the limit.

I have never bought the Nottingham extension, and it isn't mentioned in the leaflet, but understand it is designed for Notts residents to access the network and thus only on sale at Nottingham & Beeston stations.

Baxenden Bank

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23 Oct 2013
Taken from the Derbyshire County Council website, news and notices page http://www.derbyshire.gov.uk/transport_roads/public_transport/news_notices/default.asp

Changes to the Derbyshire Wayfarer scheme

From 4 April 2016, High Peak Buses will no longer accept Derbyshire Wayfarer tickets on their commercially-operated services, but will still accepted them on any journey operated under contract to us.

The tickets will not be accepted on the following services: TP 'Transpeak' (except on Sundays and on the 2015 journey from Buxton and the 2150 journey from Derby); 199 'Skyline' (except between Newtown or New Mills on Sundays and Bank Holidays); 61 (except on Sundays and on the 1400 from Glossop, the 1600 from Glossop on Saturdays, the 1300 from Buxton and the 1500 and 1720 journeys from Buxton on Saturdays); 69/A and 185/186. For more information about this change, please contact High Peak Buses.


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10 Dec 2013
What's it called? It's called Cumbernauld
Many thanks for all the replies - I've somehow got somebody in the Intercity booking office at Glasgow Central to issue me the Wayfarer that includes Nottingham and Beeston while I was there for something else.

It saves me having to do it during the 20 minute breaks I have at Manchester Piccadilly and Sheffield Midland tomorrow.

In response to Baxenden Bank above regarding buses, the only bus I maybe intend using tomorrow is the 38 from Crown Inn, Osmaston Road to Sinfin Lane, near Peartree station, so I should be OK for that.
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