Destination Blind Mystery

5 Sep 2018
Some time ago I purchased a Northern destination blind from 142021 which measures 52.3cm across. From what I can gather this seems to be the standard size.

More recently I managed to find a blind box from unit 142058 and I was excited to fit the blind and have a look at them together. However, when it arrived the box was far too big! The window measures around 65cm across.

I have looked at pictures of 142058 and it was also a Northern unit, most recently fitted with an electronic indicator, but previously with a much smaller box than the one I've got.

Can anyone explain this and does anyone know if blinds are available that would fit my larger box?

Thanks for your help.


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24 Nov 2009
There are some varied boxes fitted to the Pacer fleet. The aperture restricted the visible part of the blind (and box), so the type of boxes didn't really matter to a certain extent. I've seen a few blind boxes that are quite tall and without the correct aperture, will show two/part of three destinations. There was even at least one Class 142 fitted with a blind box that had three track numbers too. (There may have been a thread on this forum about that one IIRC). It's not unknown to have smaller blinds than were designed for boxes and quite a few of the slam door DMUs did in the late 80s/90s. You may find that a blind fitted to a Class 315 would be a better fit for your blind box. They're 60cm wide.


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