Diesel Autumn in Pápa-Paradise (50 p. + 45 min. v.)

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19 Mar 2007
Vienna, Austria

This autumn I regularly visited the Hungarian line Györ - Pápa - Celldömölk, an old infrastructure jewel, additionally Györ is only a 1 1/4 hours trainride away from Vienna. Traffic on the line is significant: 2-hour-express-tact between Budapest and Szombathely, all hauled by class M41, the original Pielstick 21xx, as well as renewed 23xx, local trains inbetween, also mostly M41-pulled or Bzmot railbusses, and a few freights, MÁV M62 - I even caught one of the few original engines still running - , as well as Metrans Eurorunner. At Györszabadhegy station, junction of the Veszprem line - I have already explored it, but more at a later time - I spotted a Floyd ex-CFR class 60 Sulzer.

Here the 45 minute HD-video, in the description you will find a clickable index, as always:

A small selection of photos, in geographical order, without Györ:

Remot-M62 307 on a cold Saturday morning with a Györ-bound freight at Menföcsanak.

Local 9217 Celldömölk - Györ departing Györszemere early morning, in the background the Bakony hills, which are crossed by the line to Veszprem.

Bike in a local? No problem!

Györszabadhegy, on the southern end of Györ town, with eastern block style garages and a very fitting vehicle! ;)

Smokey departure from Ménföcsanak halt by M41 2140.

Express 9200 Budapest - Szombathely passing with remot M41 2310, you can recognize most renewed units by the AC on the roof.

9307 pulled by M41 2150.

Local to Györ.

Györszemere station, the last one behind Györ equipped with light signals.

Szerecseny halt in a curve with manual level crossing.

Gecse-Gyarmat and the mid-day express 9202. Apart from signalboxes, semaphores and manual level crossings as most stations it also features a significant grade towards Györ.

Vaszar with local 9222 in All Saints fog.

9307, northern exit of Vaszar.

Same train, same place.

9200 at the home signal.

The signalboxes still are heated by coal, a remainder of steam atmosphere lingers.

Local 9232.

Metrans Eurorunner with its long container rake.

The southern signalbox is a paradise for cat families.

Express 9302.

Southbound freight at the southern home signal.

Express 9200 reaching Pápa on a straight past an airforce base.

Modern Pápa platform, still the old infrastructure stays intact.

Local 9227 Celldömölk - Györ at the lovely assembly of semaphores, a Bzmot on weekdays.

The reliable Audi-freight to Györ, often between 9 und 10 a.m. at Pápa.

Even better with the original M62 260! Plus, you know it will return in the afternoon! :o)

The Pá... the Pa... the Panorama!

Parallel departure of 9302 to Szombathely and Bzmot 30914 to Csorna at 11:30.

Trabbi at the gate, while M62 260 is departing in the afternoon.

Home signal from Celldömölk with local 9223.

30924 towards Csorna.

Local 9234 from Györ.

Express 9204 with MÁV- und GySEV-coaches.

Express 9201 back to Györ in the evening.

Local 9215 crossing 9302 in autumn leaves at Vinár.

Vinár original restroom...

Eurorunner with leaves blowing!

Local 9224.

Express 9205.

Local 9235 ...

... missing its stopping spot, everyone had to follow!

Final destination Mezölak, exit towards Pápa on a Saturday morning with express 9207.

GySEV included!

Local 9232 at the other end.

M62 freight towards Györ, with another Trabbi at the gates!

Local 9234 with two "top&tail" M41s.

And finally 8-coach-express 9203 at sunset.
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