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Discussion in 'International Transport' started by gray1404, 6 Jun 2015.

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  1. gray1404

    gray1404 Established Member

    3 Mar 2014
    I have a disabled persons railcard. I know this is not valid on Eurostar or on mainland Europe.... however: -

    1. does Eurostar give any discounts to disabled persons?
    2. do any of the railways abroad give discounts to disabled persons, which visitors from the UK could access?
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  3. Quakkerillo

    Quakkerillo Member

    23 Jan 2015
    http://www.eurostar.com/sites/defau... Assistance Guide Customers - interactive.pdf

    explains everything for disabled travelling with Eurostar.
    Only for wheelchair users and their accompanying person.

    On mainland Europe, there's no special discounts most of the time (that I know of). If you need aid getting on the train (wheelchair/scooter), you often can only board at certain stations, if announced well in time (for Belgium even 24h).
    There are however often priority seats of course, but if you're handicapped, even when any sensible person should offer their seat when there's no free seats anyway.
  4. Gavioliuk

    Gavioliuk Member

    30 Nov 2012
  5. ajb690

    ajb690 Member

    25 Apr 2013
    My wife uses a wheelchair, and we travelled London - Frankfurt last year.

    Post 2 is correct as to pricing - which I know is all you asked about. However, have to say ES were great with help - boarded us onto the train first at both ends, met us at Brussels on the outwards and return, and even pushed her wheelchair through to the interchange platform. They also stuck us in a cab when the lifts had broken down at St Pancras so we could make our onward connection.

    DB were a bit spottier, but no complaints (couldn't find anyone to help me board at Frankfurt, but not a big problem as all the other passengers helped, which was nice of them). Make sure you put the wheelchair in the "official" spot for it, as I didn't know there was one and got told off.

    When booking, I called DB directly (they have a UK number) and booked with them, including the ES part. They then organised all the assistance for me, much easier than trying to do it online.

    Hope this is useful,

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