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    4 May 2015
    Hello everybody, my name is Colin The Head, I am the presenter for a video series we are working on called Disused Railway Diaries. The show follows a loose plot where I go out looking and documenting the historical and disused railways around my area in Yorkshire, England in a series of videos.

    Currently, we are up to episode 4 of the show, we are planning many more episodes in the future and we are always looking for advice and ideas and feedback. I am also currently filming a number of other Documentary style programs alongside holding down a regular job 9-5 in warehousing, so my time making videos is limited to my recreational time, but this suites me fine as I thoroughly enjoy what I do.

    Anyway,, here are the links to my first 4 episodes, please feel free to give me feedback or ideas for future episodes. Thanks, Colin.

    Disused Railway Diaires - Barnsdale Tunnel
    Barnsdale Tunnel, a 1200 yard tunnel through Barnsdale on the old Hull and Barnsley Railway.

    Disused Railway Diaries - Thornton Viaduct
    Thornton Viaduct, one of the most iconic viaducts of its kind on the old Great Northern line across the Peninnes.

    Disused Railway Diaries - Brackenhill Light Railway
    The old sandstone light railway ran by the Brackenhill Light Railway Company served Hemsworth colliery, Ackworth and joined the York Sheffield Line.

    Disused Railway Diaries - The Pontefract Chord
    A look at the abandoned line that once linked up the town of Pontefract with it's stations and the main line, with the only remaining infrastructure an abandoned 3 arch viaduct on the A639.

    We also made a trailer for the first few episodes...

    All or any feedback on these would be greatly appreciated.

    Colin The Head
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