Do peak time restrictions apply on 24 Dec?

Discussion in 'Fares Advice & Policy' started by 1B85, 2 Dec 2019.

  1. 1B85

    1B85 Member

    13 Apr 2017
    As header, I am looking at the Trainsplit website which is suggesting that one may take a train at 08:10 from Edinburgh to Newcastle on the TPE only SVR costing £82, restriction code I3 which says not valid for trains departing before 0900...
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  3. father_jack

    father_jack Member

    26 Jan 2010
    If that's what you're seeing at this late stage it would then appear that TPE have lifted the restrictions.

    On the other hand, GWR have for the first time in my many years working on the choo choos NOT lifted Christmas eve time restrictions..... along with Monday 30th and Tuesday 31st. Friday 27th is unrestricted.
  4. John @ home

    John @ home Established Member Fares Advisor

    1 Mar 2008
    It also says:
    I suspect, but am not certain, that the restriction will also be lifted for the 2019/2020 Christmas and New Year period.

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