Double 90s!! Super WCML!! :)

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Julian G

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9 Jun 2005
the day started by boarding 14:09 Southern to Olympia
and at Olympia i decided to wait for 14:45 Silverlink for Willesden Junction
but (xxxxxxxxxx) a Silverstunk 508 left Willesden by the time i got to the platform..
there was a 313 101 stabled there on Low level
and a 313 came passing Low Level as a ecs on the overhead line at the low level station
so in came a 313 in good condition and bing an Alstom worker was sitting opposite me :shock:
so i left the train and half ran to the northern end of the platform at Euston to get a photo of the VWC Loco-hauled set at Euston
so i boarded the 16:04 Desiro service for Tring
i got off at Harrow and got the photo of a DVT+Mk3+90037 speeding through at harrow

and then i returned home on Southern

what a super day!! :)

Double 90s!! :)
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