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Driver application

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8 Jul 2016

I am currently on board staff but I am looking to apply for a drivers position which is coming up very soon. I am looking for any tips or information that I could use to ensure my application stands out from the rest as the competition is fierce or anything else that would benefit or aid my application.

I would appreciate any tips or ideas.

Many thanks every one
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23 Jun 2014
Absolutely loads of threads on here with helpful tips and information, It all depends which TOC you are applying for and what the online application entails?

The one I applied for in January asked for.....

: My Personal Details
: My Educational History
: What attracted me to apply for the opportunity?
: Explain what skills and qualities you can personally bring to this role and provide brief examples of these?
: Give an example of when you have come up with a new initiative that will improve the way others do their work?
: Detail any additional information you may wish to provide, in support of your application. e.g. involvement in special projects, business initiatives.
: A few other details
: A copy of my Current C.V

Probably not much help to you as all of the above is going to be based on YOUR life and experience, Not mine.

Key words such as Safety, Excellent Communication skills, Been able to follow rules and procedures, Ability to work alone as well as with others, Excellent concentration and decision making skills, Pro-active approach, Good Non-Technical skills, Ability to retain knowledge and information, Having a positive approach...

The list is not exhaustive but you get the idea.

I have just finished Week 14 of my training and although it is tough it is worth it and I am glad I made the decision to go for it!

Regards Simon
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