DRS Crew Training on ECML

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Julian G

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9 Jun 2005

Currently working 0Z37 Norwich-York Parcel Sidings...

Barring any farces, should then work...

0Z63/0Z64 0545 York-Kings X-York 1624 Route Learner for DRS Crews.
Down as T-ThO but doesn't mean it will run every day.

Peterboro 0904-0906
Kings X 1113a

Kings X 1130
Peterboro 1311

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Julian G

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9 Jun 2005
And here are the timings!

0Z63 05:45 York Holgate Sidings - 11:13 London Kings Cross

05:45 York Holgate Sidings
PASS 05:51 Colton Jn.
PASS 05:59 Hambleton North Jn.
PASS 06:05 Temple Hirst Jn.
PASS 06:12 Shaftholme Jn.
PASS 06:20 Doncaster
PASS 06:27 Doncaster Loversall Carr Jn.
06:37-06:43 Ranskill Loop
PASS 06:52 Retford
07:14-07:20 Newark North Gate
07:29-07:57 Claypole Loop
PASS 08:07 Barkston South Jn.
PASS 08:12 Grantham
PASS 08:37 Highdyke Jn.
PASS 08:39 Stoke Jn. (Grantham)
PASS 08:54 Tallington Jn.
09:04-09:06 Peterborough
PASS 09:16 Connington South Jn.
09:18-09:39 Connington Loop
PASS 09:50 Huntingdon
PASS 10:05 Sandy
PASS 10:21 Hitchin
PASS 10:28 Stevenage
PASS 10:32 Woolmer Green Jn.
PASS 10:36 Welwyn Garden City
PASS 10:47 Potters Bar
PASS 10:56 Alexandra Palace
PASS 11:03 Finsbury Park
PASS 11:10 Belle Isle
11:13 London Kings Cross

0Z64 11:30 London Kings Cross - 16:24 York Holgate Sidings

11:30 London Kings Cross
PASS 11:32 Belle Isle
PASS 11:38 Finsbury Park
PASS 11:45 Alexandra Palace
PASS 11:59 Potters Bar
PASS 12:12 Welwyn Garden City
PASS 12:16 Woolmer Green Jn.
PASS 12:20 Stevenage
PASS 12:26 Hitchin
PASS 12:38 Sandy
PASS 12:53 Huntingdon
PASS 13:03 Holme Jn.
PASS 13:11 Peterborough
PASS 13:19 Helpston Jn.
PASS 13:24 Tallington Jn.
PASS 13:39 Stoke Jn. (Grantham)
PASS 13:45 Grantham
PASS 13:49 Barkston South Jn.
PASS 14:00 Newark North Gate
14:07-14:52 Carlton On Trent Loop
PASS 15:06 Retford
PASS 15:19 Doncaster Loversall Carr Jn.
15:24-15:34 Doncaster
PASS 15:46 Shaftholme Jn.
PASS 16:02 Temple Hirst Jn.
PASS 16:08 Hambleton North Jn.
PASS 16:18 Colton Jn.
16:24 York Holgate Sidings



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25 Jun 2005
Rail replacement bus cab
I bloody wish I didn't have to go to school this week - those DRS 37s with the old fronts are dying fast!! Then again I think it was caped today.....
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