Dryclough Junction Derailment

Discussion in 'Infrastructure & Stations' started by boing_uk, 24 Oct 2011.

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  1. boing_uk

    boing_uk Member

    18 May 2009
    Another scathing report once more very critical of Network Rail, its internal systems and its framework consultants.

    This one was quite serious really and could indeed have been much worse. I dread to think how many other earthworks and structures are not in NR's database and more importantly are unstable and on the move.

    I would have thought that after as many warnings NR have had through the various similar reports they might have learned. However clearly they are slow to learn and even slower to react, which given the risks involved seems very illogical.

    Thankfully it was a low speed accident - hopefully no similar situations are growing where linespeeds are much higher.
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  3. HSTEd

    HSTEd Established Member

    14 Jul 2011
    Seems to me to be more of a scathing assesment of the state of permenant way inspection and maintenace with everything palmed off on numerous contractors and the failures in communications that are bound to occur in this situations.
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