Duffage Meet Up with RJ and Tom L on 14th October 2006

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Julian G

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9 Jun 2005
I took Southern 377202 to Kensington Olympia, I got off there and then I saw RJ get off the Silverlink. We then saw a Defective Eurostar heading to North Pole, after that was 67005+Northern Belle Stock to Gloucester, then we waited for TomL's 377 to come in, we met Tom and then we went to the Tesco Car Park. We saw 2 Eurostars,some 313s,377s and two D-stocks (one D-stock driver sounded the horn at us!) and then came 47826+Riveria Trains Mk2+Mk1+47851, the female driver accelerated 47826 quite a lot! Then came the Voyager, and after that came 47712+Queen of Scots+47832, after that a quick rush to Earl's Court, to catch a Refurb D-stock as far as Mile End and then a Central Line to Stratford, then 47712+Queen of Scots+47832 came in, and waited for 90036+Mk3 set to speed pass, after the 47s left, 90049+47828 came in through, then 90015 came in, and me and Tom managed to get the Train while RJ legged it from platform 10a and didn't get the Mk3 Set, me and Tom did Heads Out in the Mk3 Set (Tom L has a video of the journey!) at Liverpool St we saw this formation 315+SX 317 leaving the station presumably for Ilford
Me and Tom managed to get into the cab of 90015 while RJ caught up with us, so we then got the A-stock to KXSP and C-stock to Royal Oak and then back again, where we saw 43132 creating a show (SPROG, i also saw 43030!), then a 165 to Acton Mainline where we saw 60058 making a HELLFIRE much of a show! :) , then we saw Alison's Preety Turbo pass, i think it was 166220, 166212 seems to be at Reading Depot today
and then Bus 266 to Wlilesden Bus Station, I saw an Arriva Counties Livered Bus at Willesden, then we caught Silverlink to Richmond and then at Richmond we saw a Double Refurb 442 speed through, and then Desiro to Waterloo and then Bakerloo Line to Marylebone to see the Bubble Car only to find out it has left!, then we took 168 Clubman to Wembley Stadium and walked from Wembley Park to Wembley Central while we waited 15min for the Train :| , we took the Bakerloo Line down to Willesden J, and at Stonebridge Park i saw 325006/90026, we got off at Willesden and took the Silverlink down to Olympia, where we saw 47851 CLAG CLAG CLAG +Riveria Trains Stock+47826 leave, Me and RJ said farwell to Tom and I got off at West Brompton,
Such a Shame we missed the RHTT trains we intended to see :( the Top N Tail GBRF 66s, and Bubble Car :(
Right here's some Gen from today
47826/851 passed Earl's Court 10/54, bit early.
47712/832 passed Earl's Court at 11/04
47712/832, QoS depart 12:05. 90049+47828 eastbound right behind it.
Out of Acton Mainline 14:20. Also, purple 166220 heading west 14:24.
Out of Kenny O on time.
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