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Duffs Bits and bobs

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Julian G

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9 Jun 2005
This Saturday's Pathfinder Kettle tour is to be 47812/47853 in various
combinations of top and tail and/or in tandem at various points, from Cardiff to
Bescot in the morning and Stafford to Cardiff in the evening. Gen ex Deltic

47769 is to be RESCO assessed this week and assuming it is passed will be
towing 47847 (in need of load bank testing following top end engine overhaul) to
Cardiff for this to be undertaken.

47848 is now in Oxford Blue and is to apparently be named TITAN STAR (from
wnxx), it is believed that all serviceable Riviera 47s will be fitted and go to
DRS for approx 12 months, except 47815 (which is randomly with them at the
moment!) & 47769. 47812, 47847 and maybe 47853 will retain their celebrity
(hurrah) repaints but 47805, 47848, 47843 will be repained into Oxford Blue.

It would appear a photo on wnxx.com that 47716 was out with the TC at the
Dartmoor Railway yesterday, so thats a "welcome back" to traffic.

For the list keepers the ELR Diesel Gala on Sunday was as booked, apart from
47575 replacing 56003 (Knackered AVR Card) on the 0945 Bury Rawtenstall. 575
remained on the rear of the return (Das Boat was the traction) and was then
removed in favour of the repaired 56.

Dont forget 47192 on Friday!!!

nick scott
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