Duffs return to the West London Line & Other Pixs 14th October 2006

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Julian G

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9 Jun 2005
What a great day :D, 5 47s in one day! :)
Here are the shots, thanks RJ and Tom for providing entertainment, RJ do you still have some of the Fish fingers remains ;)

Class 67005 with Northern Belle Stock speeds through Kensington Olympia for Gloucester

A Eurostar makes it way to Waterloo after replacing another Unit at North Pole

A Refurbished D78 makes it way to Earl's Court

SN 377202 accelerates towards West Brompton

Silverlink 313 accelerates towards West Brompton

WCRC 47826 accelerates out of Olympia

47832 on the rear of Queen of Scots Tour

47712 at Stratford with Queen Of Scots

Only Non-One Anglia still in use, which is 90036

47712 leaves Stratford with QOS

47712+QOS+47832 leave Stratford

One 90015 arrives into Stratford

FL 90049+Costwold Rail 47828 speeds through Stratford

FL 90049+CR 47828 leave Stratford

Heads Out on an Mk3 Set

Class 170202 waits to leave for Peterborough via the long way

The Cab of 90015, ta Driver for letting me and Tom in

FGWL 166 speeds past Royal Oak

FGW Adelante slows down for Paddington

HC 360204 speeds past Royal Oak

HEX 332005 waits patiently for the driver to set everything up

Two HSTs at Paddington, one creates a show :)

60058 leaves Acton after SMOKING A LOT! YES SMOKING A LOT!

A Pair of Refurbished 442s speed through Richmond

After not having seen the Unique Prototype Refurb for about 2 months, i see it again!

Chiltern Clubman at Wembley Stadium Station

"All aboard this train, all aboard, You can go now" says the man and starts playing the harmonica, WTF is he on about!

47851 arrives into Olympia, NO this is 2006! not 2003!

47851 gives clag, clag

47851 still clagging
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RailUK Forums


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4 Sep 2005
Not bad.

Try not to take severe close-up pics like that "one" 90 and the 90/47 frieghtliner.

Also the FGWL "166" is actually 165109 8)
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