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8 Jun 2005
"Probably the best event of its kind" - Pete Waterman

The Great Central Railway, a 8 and three quarter mile double track preserved line featuring a fantastic Class 101, Standard 2, Peak (D123), Manor and of course 8K 63601, built 1912 Gorton works for the GCR.

Great Central Railway said:
Once again we turn back the clock to those austerity years of the second world war. But this is 1945 and it will soon be over with celebrations to mark 'VE' day.

Our friends from various Re-enactment Group, together with Military Vehicle Groups, Civilians at War Groups and the Great Central Railway, join together to present an event which will bring back memories.

Loughborough Central:

Entraining point for Allied forces.
Naval Recruiting Office
Re-evacuation trains (Friday)
Street Party on the platform
Displays of Children's work
Station Buffet
Locomotive Shed

Parking is available near the station entrance.

Quorn and Woodhouse:

Allied base
Military vehicles and hardware,
Military stalls
Beer tent
NAAFI under the bridge in the bomb shelter!!
Church parade on Sunday
Swing dance band (Saturday 7-10pm)
Marlene Dietrich
Spitfire display 3:00pm Saturday
'Bombing run' Saturday & Sunday 4-4:45pm
Land Army display with heavy horse

Parking and camping is available in a nearby field.
Allied vehicles at Quorn

Swithland Reservoir becomes the English Channel for the weekend, and without a passport and the risk of being torpedoed, you will have passed into northern France.
Scene from battle at 2000 event
Germans defend Rothley 2000


Somewhere in occupied France
German encampment
'Battle site' 2:33 to 2:50pm Saturday & Sunday
Bottled German Beer in refreshment room
See the differences in uniforms and equipment

Parking will be on-street, and signs will direct you to the correct spot.

Leicester North (Le Birstall (SNCF.)

German Troops in control
Henri's Cafe for French Wine & Cheese
Military Stall
Medal Display
1940's music
Skirmish with French Resistance

Limited parking on approach road (The Sidings)
Flypast 2001
Flypast during 2001 event

The RAF'S memorial flight, which is home to a Lancaster Bomber, Spitfires, Hurricanes, and a Dakota, will be providing in the sky entertainment on Saturday with their Spitfire.

Approx 3:00pm

Subject to RAF Operational needs and weather conditions.

Train services will operate to a frequent timetable, most trains will convey a buffet car.

The timetable is similar to last year, and will include some additional passenger shuttle trains with our hush-hush diesel railcar - 'The Flying Hamburger' - and some goods trains for variety. Goods trains will not convey passengers. The running of these trains will be subject to available motive power.

Tickets and passes will be subject to inspection by traveling ticket inspectors, and the military police of both Allied and German forces.




2 Adults & upto 3 Children

1 Adult & upto 3 Children

More details of course found here:

PS. I beleive myself and Jamie C. Steel shall be on platform duties at Loughborough Central during this weekend, though Jamie may be on ticket inspecting duties
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8 Jun 2005
I shall be out with my Trainer on the Friday of this event, with all the bloody Evacuees. :roll:
27 Jun 2005
Derby/Leicester (GCR)
This was a great event and a great success for the railway. Friday and satday i was Trainee Guard and Sunday i was TTI with my trainee Mr Steel! LOL! Cant wait till next year!! Dont forget next GCR event Summer gala 23/24 - 07/05!! Look forward to seeing you all there
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