Eastbourne [EBN] to Horsham [HRH] via Gatwick Airport [GTW]

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23 Oct 2010
Southern website suggests that this journey isn't possible with one ticket but the National Rail website doesn't say it needs more than one ticket.

Easement 70 says:
The following journeys may double back between Gatwick Airport and
Three Bridges: (1) from Faygate to Haywards Heath, (2) from Faygate and
via Haywards Heath, (3) via Faygate and to Haywards Heath, (4) via Faygate
and via Haywards Heath. This easement applies in both directions.

(Faygate is between Horsham and Three Bridges)

If I buy an Eastbourne to Horsham ticket on Southern Website (which only shows journeys changing at Three Bridges) can I go on a train which doesn't stop at Three Bridges and change at Gatwick instead?
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19 Jan 2010
Moulton nr Winsford
I'd agree on the basis of the Easement 70 because :

1. Eastbourne is a member of Lewes Group
2. Horsham is it's own Routeing Point.

Permitted routes are via Map LB

MAP LB allows :

Eastbourne - Lewes - Haywards Heath - Three Bridges - Gatwick Airport - Three Bridges - Crawley - Horsham, you may also travel via Brighton to get to Haywards Heath.

The above is only valid with Easement 70 because to get from Eastbourne to Horsham to only permitted route is via Haywards Heath & via Faygate, which is clearly shown in the above easement for the journey.

So it is perfectly valid for you to go on a non-stop train through Three Bridges & change at Gatwick Airport.

Hope this helps.
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