ECML drags this weekend?

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1 Oct 2011
South Yorkshire
Looking at the ECML timetable this weekend, a number of services from Saturday afternoon onwards are booked to take 3 hours+ between London KX and Doncaster.

When you get into the detail of this, some are actually services from St. Pancras, with a change at Sheffield. Others however are simply shown as taking an age between Peterborough and Doncaster, including some regular class 91 turns, such as Leeds and Newcastle trains.

My question is does anyone know if there will be any diverts and dragging as far north as Doncaster this weekend, and if so, what locos will be used???

I assume East Coast will try and utilise as many HST sets as possible to mitigate the need for drags, but have they got enough to cover all of the regular services, that are running to a modified timetable north of Peterborough?

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9 Jun 2009
Actual timetable should be on the EC website.
last weekend: some Leeds services were diesel dragged with class 67 from Peterborough via Lincoln to Newark where loco was uncoupled and the train then ran on to leeds (or vv). (journey time is about 2 hours from PBO to Newark allowing for coupling/uncoupling) Other southbound leeds services terminate at Newark.

Newcastle/Edinburgh services - use HSTs & run via Lincoln & Gainsborough.
some Electric services form the north terminate at Retford or Newark.
some Electric services from the south terminate at Grantham.
21 Oct 2010
Thanks - so any class 67 drags are only as far north as Newark?

Does anyone know which services these are likely to be?
Yeah thats right, just between Newark and Peterbro, the services are just the Leeds-KX services only, the anglo scot/Newcastle trains will all be HST. Its all of the Leeds services which leave either Leeds or KX after 1pm, so from London that will be the 1303, 1403, 1603, 1803 and 1930 services. Theres 5 services from Leeds effected, starting with the 1305 depature.
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