EMT Collision - 18-02-2016 - One rail worker injured

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11 Dec 2012
Not seen this reported elsewhere, apparently there was a collision between a EMT Meridian and trackside equipment operated by Wabtec - seems odd that an earlier train didn't collide with the equipment unless it was moved just before the train passed.


A passenger train was left with a gaping hole after it crashed into quarry equipment which was left overhanging a railway line.

A rail worker was injured and 85 people were shaken after the 100mph train smashed into a conveyor arm used for loading goods vehicles which had been left in the wrong position on Sunday morning.

The driver was forced to perform an emergency stop after the collision near Barrow upon Soar, Leicestershire, which jolted the carriages travelling behind.

Pictures taken at the scene show a gaping hole on the left-hand side at the front of the train after the window was cracked by the impact.

A worker for rail contractor Wabtec, who were responsible for operating on the overhanging equipment, was left hurt but the extent of their injuries are unknown.

Passengers on Thursday's 10.20am Leicester to York train said they thought it had "hit a car" after the huge smash.

Incredibly, none of the 85 passengers on board the train were injured but a spokeswoman for East Midlands Trains confirmed the crash caused "significant damage" to their vehicle.
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