[EMU Slam Door] Friday SR Slamming

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6 Jun 2005
1866+3514 :
06.30 London Bridge - East Grinstead
07.34 East Grinstead - London Bridge
08+42 London Bridge - Streatham Hill, assume this will be extended to
Victoria as usual.

3490+3505+3530 :
06.24 Eastbourne - London Bridge
08+13 London Bridge - Selhurst.

1805/3486/3535 all at Brighton, two of which should go out as below.


Following will be formed 4/400 vice 3/377.
5F00: 05+16 Lovers Walk to Brighton BI102
2D99: 0600 Brighton to Lewes BI104
2D00: 0626 Lewes to Brighton BI104
2F39: 0654 Brighton to Seaford BI104
2F40: 0733 Seaford to Brighton BI104
2F45: 0812 Brighton to Seaford BI104
2F46: 0858 Seaford to Brighton BI104
2F51: 0942 Brighton to Seaford EB302
2F52: 1025 Seaford to Brighton EB302
2F57: 1112 Brighton to Seaford EB302
2F58: 1158 Seaford to Brighton EB302
2F63: 1242 Brighton to Seaford BI111
2F64: 1325 Seaford to Brighton BI111
2F69: 1412 Brighton to Seaford BI144
2F70: 1458 Seaford to Brighton BI144
2F75: 1542 Brighton to Seaford BI159
2F76: 1625 Seaford to Brighton BI159
2F81: 1712 Brighton to Seaford EB327
2F82: 1758 Seaford to Brighton EB327
2F89: 1835 Brighton to Seaford BI151
2F24: 1915 Seaford to Brighton BI151
2F23: 2012 Brighton to Seaford BI142
2F92: 2057 Seaford to Brighton BI142
5A48 22+02 Brighton to Lovers Walk BI152

Following will be formed 4/400 vice 3/377.
5F00: 05+16 Lovers Walk to Brighton BI102
2F00: 0548 Brighton to Seaford BI107
2F36: 0630 Seaford to Brighton BI107
2F41: 0714 Brighton to Seaford BI107
2F42: 0758 Seaford to Brighton BI107
2F47: 0842 Brighton to Seaford BI127
2F48: 0925 Seaford to Brighton BI127
2F53: 1012 Brighton to Seaford BI127
2F54: 1058 Seaford to Brighton BI127
2F59: 1142 Brighton to Seaford BI105
2F60: 1225 Seaford to Brighton BI105
2F65: 1312 Brighton to Seaford BI116
2F66: 1358 Seaford to Brighton BI116
2F71: 1442 Brighton to Seaford BI128
2F72: 1525 Seaford to Brighton BI128
2F77: 1612 Brighton to Seaford BI128
2F78: 1658 Seaford to Brighton BI128
2F83: 1742 Brighton to Seaford BI164
2F84: 1824 Seaford to Brighton BI164
2F91: 1914 Brighton to Seaford BI164
2F90: 1958 Seaford to Brighton BI164
2D49: 2104 Brighton to Eastbourne BI145
5D05: 21+55 Eastbourne to Brighton BI145
2D05: 22+37 Brighton to Hove Yd
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